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With the help of a finely created business strategy plan, ..

Perhaps the most critical example of the importance of land use policy to the development control process can be observed in the application of development standards. Development standards are articulated in the Land Development and Control Regulation (No. 20 of 1996) and the Antigua and Barbuda Building Code and Building Guidelines. New standards are also recommended in the recently completed Draft National Physical Development Plan for Antigua and Barbuda and the Draft St. John?s Local Area Plan. However, these standards are sometimes applied with discretion by the Authority?s staff ? often in situations where the use of discretion is neither necessary or justified - or not applied at all. This may result in buildings that suffer structural damage during hurricanes; buildings constructed without the necessary facilities to meet the needs of their occupants eg inadequate provision of car-parking spaces; structures that are inadequately setback from roads and/or the coastline.

Business planning means the stages the business would need to build up the business....

The South Manchuria Railway Company functions in Manchuria as the Governor-Generalof Korea did there before the annexation. In order to build up our newContinental Empire, we must change the organization of that Company soas to break away from the present difficulties. The functions of this Companyare varied and important. Every change of cabinet involves a change ofthe administration of the South Manchuria Railway, and conversely everyactivity of the South Manchuria Railway also has important consequenceson the cabinet. This is because the South Manchuria Railway is semi-governmental,with final authority resting in the cabinet. For this reason, the Powersinvariably look upon this railway as a purely political organ rather thana business enterprise. Whenever a new move is made for the developmentof Manchuria and Mongolia, the Powers would invoke the Nine Power Treatyto thwart the plans of the South Manchuria Railway. This has greatly damagedthe interests of our empire.

Importance of Marketing Plans Essay - 498 Words

Every business must do the plan because there is no substitute for well-prepared plan.

c) Entrepreneurs prepare business plans state the importance of a business plan to an entrepreneur (5marks)
d) Discuss how entrepreneurs generate business ideals?

While carrying out the development control function, one should always remain alert to changes that have occurred which may signal the need to amend Plans, policies and standards. However, this should not be done arbitrarily or by an individual acting alone under the guise of using discretionary powers. This creates uncertainty and confusion among developers and inconsistency and lack of credibility in the development control process. Instead, we should use the procedures provided for in the legislation or other transparent, administrative procedures for making such amendments that are necessary to ensure that Plans and policies are always current and relevant; that decisions are consistent and that developers/applicants are treated fairly.

Importance of strategic Planning

The business plan is designed to function under a focus-differentiated strategy, via internal resources.

According to the independent surveys of the South Manchuria RailwayCompany and Dr. Honta of Tohoku University, magnesite and aluminium isa very promising business (in Manchuria). Magnesium is found in the surroundingsof Tashichiao, and aluminium in the vicinity of Yentai. The deposit isone of the largest in the world. A ton of magnesite is worth Yen 2,000and a ton of aluminium is worth about Yen 1,700. An estimate of the depositsof both minerals in Manchuria is Yen 750,000,000. These substances areespecially useful for making aeroplanes, mess kits in the army, hospitalapparatus and vessels, and other important industries. The United Statesalone has extensive deposits of these substances. The output of our countryis one ton a year ! Such materials are becoming more useful every day,but the supply is insufficient. Its price is growing high, as if neverreaching a limit. The

{p. 53} Mongolia. By so doing, we shall allay international suspicionand clear the way for larger plans on the one hand and induce the Powersto recognize the fact of our special position in that country on theother. We should welcome any power wishing to make investment, but we mustnot allow China to deal with the leading countries at her will. As we areanxious that the Powers recognize the fact of our special position in Manchuriaand Mongolia in political as well as economic affairs, we are obliged tointervene and share all responsibilities with her. To make this a customarypractice in our diplomatic dealings, is another important policy for us.

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The Importance Of Corporate Finance In A Business Plan

{p. 39} control of this great system of transportation, we need makeno secret of our designs on Manchuria or Mongolia according to the thirdstep of Meiji's plans. The Yamato Race is then embarked on;the journeyof world conquest! According to the last will of Meiji, our first stepwas to conquer Formosa and the second step to annex Korea. Having completedboth of these, the third step is yet to be taken and that is the conquestof Manchuria, Mongolia and China. When this is done, the rest of Asia includingthe South Sea Islands will be at our feet. That these injunctions havenot been carried out even now, is a crime of your humble servants.

A business plan is simply a resume for your proposed business

{p. 38} and Mongolia. In this region there is room for at least 30 millionpeople more. When the Tunhua Railway is completed and joins up with theline running to Hueining in Korea, the products will be brought to thedoor of Osaka and Tokyo by a direct route. In time of war our troopscould be dispatched to North Manchuria and Mongolia via the Japan Sea withouta stop, forestalling all possibilities of Chinese forces entering NorthManchuria. Nor could American or Russian submarines enter the Korean Strait.The moment the railways between Kirin and Hueining and between Changchunand Talai are completed, we shall become self-sufficient in food-stuffsand raw materials. We shall have no worries in the event of war with anycountry. Then, in our negotiation with Manchuria and Mongolia, China willbe cowed to submission and yield to our wishes. If we want to end the politicalexistence of Manchuria and Mongolia according to the third step of Meiji'splan, the completion of these two railways is the only way. The Changchun-TalaiRailway will greatly enhance the value of the South Manchuria Railway,besides developing into a profitable line itself. It is an undertakingof supreme importance in our penetration into this territory.

The importance of planning your essay - Welcome to …

Recently, it is rumoured, that the Fengtien Government is planning tobuild a railroad from Tahushan to Harbin via Tung Liao and Fu Yu, so thatthere may be a direct line between Peking and Harbin without touching eitherthe South Manchuria Railway or the Chinese Eastern Railway. What is moreastonishing is that another railway beginning at Mukden passing throughHailung, Kirin, Wuchang and terminating at Harbin is also under way. Ifthis plan becomes true, then these two lines would encircle the South ManchuriaRailway and limit its sphere of activities to a small area. The resultis that our economic and political development of Manchuria and Mongoliawill be checked and the plan for curtailing our power by the Nine PowerTreaty will be carried out. Moreover, the completion of these two railroadswill render the South Manchuria Railway completely useless. The lattercompany will be confronted with a real crisis. But in view of China's financialconditions to-day, she cannot undertake these two railroads unless sheresorts to foreign loans.

This article tells you about the importance of planning your essay

The influx of Koreans into these territories is of such obvious importanceboth for economic and military considerations that the Imperial Governmentcannot afford not to give it encouragement. It will mean new opportunitiesfor our empire. Since the effect of the Lansing-Ishii Agreement is lostafter the Washington Conference, we can only recover our interests throughthe favourable development arising out of the presence of several millionsof Koreans in Manchuria. There is no ground in international relationsfor raising any objection to this procedure.

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