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Do you think that daily homework is necessary for students?

Computer hardware related three main courses are conducted in this lab. Digital trainer kits, CROs, Function generators and other basic equipments are provided for digital circuit designing. Micro processor and micro controller kits with peripheral IC interfacing cards and devices and micro processor simulation softwares are facilitated for micro processor interfacing lab experiments. Computer Hardware and Interfacing lab includes computer assembling, computer hardware familiarization and PC interfacing exercises performed with the help of different PCI interface cards, thermistors, thermo couples, LVDT, load cells, pressure and temperature sensors etc. provided in this lab. This lab has several communication kits also.

Designed to make life for the Polling officers relatively easier, students of computer science

The problem is that both Democrats and Republicans play with educational funding like a child who has found their parent’s gun – no responsibility or accountability. Neither party knows anything about education and how it should be administrated yet they are given the power to create and destroy the educational programs students need.. They screw around with funding simply to fit in with their political theories, not based on actual results or real information. Schools need to be left out of the political grand-standing and given access to the funding they need. Leave student education to the people that know what is needed – the teachers. Politicians need to shut their mouths and keep their uneducated opinions to themselves. Sign the check and get out of the teacher’s way. The political solutions to education today is much akin to having 15 people telling a carpenter how and why to use his hammer while refusing to allow him to use it to drive one nail into a board. You can’t get any work done with that level of stupidity int he way.

What is one thing you will do to improve your community?

What do you think is the best way for your school to spend this money?

Hi I am an Australian teacher and I would just like to say that in regards to points 1, 2,4 &6 some people have no real understanding about what teachers have to deal with on a daily basis. Open classrooms to parents then every Tom Dick and Harry believe that they can judge to quality and style of teaching that goes on in the classroom, by the way most schools do allow teachers to visit classroom to learn and team teach. I firmly believe that phones (and tablets to a degree) should be banned in schools I would go asfar as saying put cell service blockers in all schools. Phones distract the students from the eessential learning of the classroom, kids can not be trusted to focus when they have ready access to Facebook etc. Computer rooms are necessary because not every student has their own laptop (not everyone is rich) and even if they do not all kids will bring them every day, students are great at avoiding work. As for teachers blogging etc when was the last time you taught in a school full time? Most teachers spend so much time compiling lessons, marking assignments, doing reports, helping with extracurricular activities and trying to have a life outside of school that they are to tired to do extra stuff. The majority of teachers do share their work and lessons with others they just don’t have the time to do it globally all the time. What most people, administrators and government bodies seem to forget is that teachers are only human, there is no super ability in being a teacher most just want to make a difference in children’s lives by providing a quality education within the limits of human endurance, social structures and financial boundaries. Anyone saying teachers can do more have not been in a PUBLIC school within the last 50 years.

All excellent points and worthy of our consideration as educators. For those arguing against the use of smartphones or tablets in classrooms, you’re missing the point. Students looking on facebook or texting one another is no different than students passing notes or drawing pictures when we were in school. If teachers set clear expectations and provide proper supervision, you then place the responsibility on the students to comply otherwise they lose the privilege. The fact of the matter is this generation is connected to technology. If we force them to “power down” whenever they enter our schools we are denying them the ability to learn at their best. Using books and encylopedias to look up information is about as relevant as using an abacus to do math.
Thank you to the author for providing great information to those of us willing to prepare students for THEIR future rather than forcing them to live in OUR past.

Schools Should Provide Nutritious Lunches Essay; ..

Your school has enough money to purchase either computers for students or books for the library.

Astoundingly, there have been criminal prosecutions and convictions of the author(s) of malicious programs, all of which are described below: I hope that when people read this essay and become aware of both the malicious design and great harm caused by computer viruses and worms, readers will urge their legislators:
I have not cited a source for each fact mentioned in this essay,because most of these facts have been reported at many different sources,and are well known to computer experts who are familiar with viruses and worms.

(I do cite a source for facts that are either not well known or controversial.)Further, this essay is not a formal scholarly document, with numerouscitations, but only an informative review intended forattorneys, legislators, the general public,students, businessmen, etc.

MessageLabs posts current information on the percent of e-mail that contains a computer virus or worm.
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Schools should provides teachers ..

What I liked best about this post:
– I love the idea of all schools and districts having Facebook and Twitter accounts. This allows for widespread communication of anything the district deems relevant, via social media channels where students, teachers, parents and administrators are already consuming information – and it also allows these groups to receive notifications every time the school/district posts (very helpful for school closings, event announcements, etc.)
– It would be great if all districts were able to establish robust wifi networks that allow for focused, intentional BYOD programs (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.). This could save districts money by allowing the students to use their own devices. Project-based learning could be incorporated for students to help each other gain access to more devices in the classroom for those who don’t already have the devices. Why buy more devices when students could use what they already have? (I realize that the widespread wifi access may not be easy for a district to obtain.)
– It would be wonderful to primarily healthy options on high school cafeteria menus. Again, project-based learning could be employed to have students create apps and Pinterest boards for each week of cafeteria food, showing the benefits of the healthy foods and connecting them to resources on how to enjoy a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.
– Having kids create marketing materials for the school as part of class credit and projects is an awesome idea! This is what they’ll be doing in future Marketing departments, so why not start them now and get them “college and career ready”?
– Personalized learning (not the same instruction for everyone) for students AND teachers (professional learning) – can’t say enough about the benefits of this.

Schools Should Provide Nutritious Lunches Essay

The study identifies the following features of the foreignlanguage generated through the electronic medium, some of which havealready been observed in previous studies: (a) greater amount oflanguage; (b) more variety of topics and language functions; (c) higherlevel of language accuracy; (d) more similarity with oral language; (e)more student-initiated interactions; and (f) more personal and expressivelanguage use.

Should Students Wear School Uniforms? essays

Recent interest intechnologies as a means of supporting language development has broughtESL teaching professionals around the country to include computers,multimedia, and telecommunications as tools for instruction.

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