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What does the phrase 'the art of the possible' mean? - …

however goes on to name the state as being as possessing certain
features which make it particular from those other examples of politics
listed by Oakenshott.

Art of the Possible Essays - praxeology

But such a response would be politically impossible? Quite true; but what it politically impossible? Is it some corporatist bias on the part of the American people? Did Congress pass the bailout because the voters were clamouring for it? On the contrary, most of the voters seem to have been decidedly against it. The bailout passed because Congress is primarily accountable, not to the electorate, but to big business. And that’s a source of political impossibility that stems not from shiftable ideology but from the inherent nature of representative government. A government that was genuinely responsible to the people would hardly be a paradise (since the people are hardly free from ignorance and bias, and majority rule is all too often simply a mechanism for externalising the costs of majority preferences onto minorities) – but debating the merits of a government genuinely responsible to the people is , because such a government, whatever its merits or demerits, is ; you cannot make a monopoly responsive to the people. , no political system has ever been devised or discovered that will subordinate the influence of concentrated interests to that of dispersed interests. Monopoly cannot be “reformed”; it has to be abolished.

Art of the Possible Essays by Roderick T

Essay on Politics as the Art of Government

This means that politics tries to act as
a peacemaker by offering solution(s) to conflict to the parties involved
by means of discussion with them.

Leftwich states in his essay entitled "Politics: people,
resources and power" from his book "What is Politics?"

"...politics compromises all the activities of co-operation and
conflict, within and between societies, whereby the human species goes
about organising the use, production and distribution of human, natural
and other resources in the production and reproduction of its biological
and social life." (Leftwich, 1984, p.64-65)

Politics therefore may be defined a means to resolving this conflict
through various means, which will be tackled later in this essay.

“Politics is the art of the possible” | The Democratic Daily

On the other hand, “politics is the art of the possible,” Otto von Bismarck observed

Even leaving aside both moral considerations and the risk of blowback, the U.S. government’s interventions all around the world are bloody expensive; if you saw such costs itemised in a monthly bill, you’d quickly cancel the premium service and stick with the basic. If taxpayers had a choice about whether to fund military interventions, with the decision to go to war impacting the pocketbooks of the decisionmakers, those interventions wouldn’t happen – and so blowback like 9/11 would be prevented as well. And when the state responds to such attacks with a vaguely related war in Iraq, one that lasts far longer than the taxpayers’ enthusiasm for it, that too is made possible by effective lack of exit (as is its avoidance of mass customer defections in the wake of the phantom-WMD scandal).

In the process of establishing the core concepts of this affair called
politics, it is plain to see that a brief definition is virtually

What does the phrase 'the art of the possible' mean? - Quora
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What Is Politics? :: Essays on Politics - 123helpme

Laura Stoker, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, created a graph (Figure 1) that separates people’s political standing based on their views of state intervention in private life and the economy (The Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science University of California, Berkeley).

Essay on The Politics of Language and The Language of Politics ..

Horton quotes from "Rationalism in
Politics and other Essays"(1962) by Michael Oakenshott;

"Politics I take to be the activity of attending to the general
arrangements of a set of people whom chance or choice have brought

Politics and the English Language - Wikipedia

But in the end this is not really all that surprising either. Of course these pro-business “reforms” had to be as anti-business in order for the politicians and their corporate cronies to get away with them. Moreover, many of the instigators appear to have sincerely believed, on ideological grounds, that control of the economy by a government-business partnership was in the best interests of the general populace; and thanks to such partnerships’ disproportionate control of the means of information (media and public education), the rest of society could be brought to take a similar view. In addition, because business and government each always want to be the dominant partner, there was inevitably some grumbling in the business community about the in which, for example, FDR advanced their shared corporatist agenda, and this likewise contributed to the misperception of fundamental antagonism. But the historical research cited above indicates that big business has been the chief architect and cheerleader for the regulations that are supposedly designed to restrain its power. Liberals who advocate further such regulations in order to combat plutocracy, and libertarians who leap to the defense of the poor embattled corporation, are equally misguided.

Chancellor Otto von Bismarck didn't say that

[I]f there were no market for a product, and all of its exchanges were internal, there would be no way for a firm or for anyone else to determine a price for the good. A firm can estimate an implicit price when an external market exists; but when a market is absent, the good can have no price, whether implicit or explicit. Any figure could be only an arbitrary symbol. Not being able to calculate a price, the firm could not rationally allocate factors and resources from one stage to another. ... It is obvious that this economic law . Because of this law, firms cannot merge or cartelize for complete vertical integration of stages or products. Because of this law, there can never be One Big Cartel over the whole economy or mergers until One Big Firm owns all the productive assets in the economy. The force of this law multiplies as the area of the economy increases and as islands of noncalculable chaos swell to the proportions of masses and continents. As the area of incalculability increases, the degrees of irrationality, misallocation, loss, impoverishment, etc., become greater. Under owner or cartel for the whole productive system, there would be no possible areas of calculation at all, and therefore complete economic chaos would prevail.

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