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The Cenozoic equivalent of a bolide impact was the arrival of humans, as glyptodonts shortly after human arrival. The largest endemic South American animals to survive the of three mya, when North American placentals prevailed over South American marsupials, and the arrival of humans to the Western Hemisphere beginning less than 15 kya, are the and , which are tiny compared to their ancient South American brethren. The giant anteater is classified as a sloth, and sloths were a particularly South American animal. The were bigger than , which are Earth’s largest land animals today. After car-sized glyptodonts went extinct, dog-sized became the line’s largest remaining representative.

This event inaugurates the era of organized suppression of free energy technologies.

In the Fertile Crescent today, the ruins of hundreds of early cities are in their self-made deserts, usually buried under the silt of the erosion of exposed forest soils. As the Mediterranean Sea’s periphery became civilized, the same pattern was repeated; forests became semi-deserts and early cities were buried under silt. Before the rise of civilization, a forest ran from Morocco to Afghanistan, and only about 10% of the forest that still existed as late as 2000 BCE still remains. Everyplace that civilization exists today has been dramatically deforested. Humanity has since agriculture began. The only partial exceptions are places such as Japan, but they regenerated their forests by importing wood from foreign forests. North America and Asia have been supplying Japan with wood for generations. As civilizations wiped themselves out with their rapaciousness, some people were aware enough to lament what was happening, but they were a small minority. Usually lost in the anthropocentric view was the awesome devastation inflicted on other life forms. was only a prelude. Razing a forest to burn the wood and raise crops destroyed an entire ecosystem for short-term human benefit and left behind a lifeless desert when the last crops were wrenched from depleted soils. In the final accounting, the damage meted out to Earth’s other species, not other humans, may be humanity’s greatest crime. Humanity is the greatest destructive force on Earth since the , and our great task of devastating Earth and her denizens may be .

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Would the ejection of the memes look like ? Or could it be less horrific?

Amniotes are primarily classified by . The earliest reptiles may have had skulls like amphibians, with . In some early reptiles, a hole developed behind the eye, probably for attaching jaw muscles, and animals with such skulls are called ; mammals evolved from that line, and are essentially the . Near the Carboniferous’s end at about 300 mya, skulls with two holes behind the eye developed, probably for anchoring more powerful jaw muscles. Animals with those skulls are called , and one line of diapsid descendants eventually ruled Earth as dinosaurs. Dinosaurs had the greatest terrestrial jaws of all time, which is the primary energy acquisition equipment of vertebrates. Complex life’s arms race reached its ultimate expression in dinosaurs, with the fearsome teeth and jaws of the late-Cretaceous’s matched against the spear-and-shield arrangement of . Jurassic dinosaurs such as , with its , would not have been easy meals for predators such as . Turtles are today generally considered to be , and would otherwise seem to be .

What was most relevant to humans, however, was the almost-complete extinction during the Kellwasser event of the tetrapods that had come ashore. Tetrapods did not reappear in the fossil record until several million years after the Kellwasser event, and has even been referred to as the Fammenian Gap (the is the Devonian’s last age). The Kellwasser event also appeared to be a period of low atmospheric oxygen content, and some evidence is the lack of charcoal in fossil deposits. Recent research has demonstrated that getting wood to burn at oxygen levels of less than 13-15% may be impossible. Because all periods of complex land life show evidence of forest fires, it is today thought that oxygen levels have not dropped below 13-15% since the Devonian, but during the “charcoal gap” of the late Devonian, when the first landlubbing tetrapods went extinct, oxygen levels reached their lowest levels since the , which must have impacted the first animals trying to breathe air instead of water. During the , there is no charcoal evidence at all, which leads to the notion that oxygen levels may have even dropped below 13%. This drop may be related to severe climatic stresses on the new forests, which are probably related to the ice age that the forests helped bring about due to their carbon sequestering. That is an attractively explanatory scenario, but the continues. The first seed plants probably appeared before the Kellwasser event, but it was not until after the Fammenian Gap that seed plants began to proliferate.

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24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

I do not make it a , but I am aware that there are literally thousands, probably tens of thousands, of cases of technology suppression, largely performed by the GCs’ agents, and I have not only , but I have heard of many others, either firsthand or secondhand. Most involve alternative and free energy, but they also include exotic materials, antigravity technology, and technologies that would make almost all of humanity’s major industries immediately obsolete. Much of what has been suppressed would appear magical to the masses. The GCs and other private interests often use governments and other public organizations to their ends. That happened each time that our companies were wiped out. Public officials wielded the public ax, always acting in concert with the , but they always .

In 2003, when I began studying , the , and they articulated the difficulties that I had with mainstream economics since . A textbook published in 2011 by an economist and ecologist analyzed the disconnection between economists and the real world, and the way that economic schools have ignored energy was, in the opinion of the authors, their most grievous error. I do not take overarching conspiracy theories very seriously, as they do not adequately explain how most people act. People blindly and uncaringly performing their jobs are how most of the FE suppression that I survived was inflicted. Structural features, , explain most activity. However, that did not mean that those at the top did not know what they were doing, or even those further down the command chain, and my life’s turning point was when a public official . Organized suppression is , in my experience. Those doing most of the dirty work really do not know whose interests they serve or , and most do not even care much as long as it pays well, which was .

Andy Freeman, forever in the third person for some reason (the desire not to actually address someone tainted with liberalism? Who can say),
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Horse slaughter. Is it really worth it? Essay -- social issues

Because the descendants of these being all free men, if he grants them estates and possessions to inhabit his country, without which it would be worth nothing, whatsoever he grants them they have so far as it is granted property in; the nature whereof is, that, without a man′s own consent, it cannot be taken from him.194.

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By the second, the inhabitants of any country, who are descended and derive a title to their estates from those who are subdued, and had a government forced upon them, against their free consents, retain a right to the possession of their ancestors, though they consent not freely to the government, whose hard conditions were, by force, imposed on the possessors of that country.

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Wildmonk – interesting parallel! Though that’s how a lot of libertarian/free-market thought strikes me – as something that seriously underestimates the difficulty of solving systems of nonlinear differential equations, and, as you put it, proposes “an easy solution to a problem that can be shown to be horrendously difficult”.

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Their persons are free by a native right, and their properties, be they more or less, are their own, and at their own dispose, and not at his; or else it is no property.

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But since a rational creature cannot be supposed, when free, to put himself into subjection to another for his own harm (though where he finds a good and a wise ruler he may not, perhaps, think it either necessary or useful to set precise bounds to his power in all things), prerogative can be nothing but the people′s permitting their rulers to do several things of their own free choice where the law was silent, and sometimes too against the direct letter of the law, for the public good and their acquiescing in it when so done.

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