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Essay on the holy month of ramadan.

Devout supplications to Allah (SWT) and repentance of one's sins during Holy Ramadhan are the sources of Divine blessings and mercy. Some nights, among the last ten nights of Ramadan, are called the . These are the 19th, 21st, and 23rd nights. Muslims keep awake during these nights and offer special prayers. Even among these nights, the 23rd enjoys excellence over all the others. It is accompanied by great blessings, and he usually grants the supplications made to Allah (SWT) during this night.

It is often said that many people find themselves in this month of Ramadan ..

The document includes three different risk assessment categories, color coded for ease, which can help people to follow the best approach that they should take to fast throughout Ramadan, depending on the severity and state of their condition.

The Holy Month Of Ramadan Essays 1 - 30 Anti Essays

Ramadan Essay The Dangers of Forced Religion ..

Ramadan requires Muslims to fast during the ninth lunar month of the Islamic calendar, but this is an issue of debate regarding people with diabetes.
While the date varies on the western (Gregorian) calendar, if Ramadan falls upon a summer month where fasts can last 17 hours or longer, this can put people with diabetes at risk of hypoglycemia and dehydration.

These divisions make it easier for Muslims to read the Qur'an during the course of a month and many will read one juz' each day, particularly during the month of . of the Qur'an exist in over 40 languages but Muslims are still taught to learn and it in Arabic, even if this is not their native language and they cannot converse in it.Translations are regarded by Muslims as new versions of the holy book, rather than as translations in the conventional sense. At the time of the revelation of the Qur'an, books were not readily available and so it was common for people to .Committing the Qur'an to memory acted as a great aid for its preservation and any person who is able to accomplish this is known as a hafiz. The Qur'an is treated with immense respect by Muslims because it is the sacred word of God.While the Qur'an is recited aloud, Muslims should behave with reverence and refrain from speaking, eating or drinking, or making distracting noise. In addition to the Qur'an, the other sacred sources are the , the practise and examples of the Prophet Muhammad's life, and the , reports of what the prophet Muhammad said or approved.Both the Hadith and Sunnah must adhere to a strict chain of narration that ensures its authenticity, taking into account factors such as the character of people in the chain and continuity in narration.

Ramadan, the Month of Fasting - Term Paper

Read this essay on Ramadan, the Month of Fasting

(pronounced ""; a.k.a. Ramazan) is the holiest period in the Islamic year. It extends over the ninth lunar month, which is also called Ramadan. It commemorates events during the year 610 when Muslims believe that revelations began from God to the Prophet Muhammad, via the angel Gabriel. These revelations were memorized by Muhammad and were later written down as the Qur'an.

The month of holy Ramadan enjoys a special importance in the Islamic calendar. As Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said: "It is Allah's Own month." It is the chief of all months and the most glorious one. As we already know, 'Fasting' is one of the important pillars of Islam and it is the very month of Ramadan during which fasting has been made obligatory for all adults and sane Muslims. By fasting during Ramadan, a Muslim besides discharging an obligation imposed upon him by Allah (SWT), becomes entitled to great reward in the . On the other hand, any lapse in the matter amounts to a great sin. Fasting is an article of worship, the knowledge about the performance or otherwise whereof rests only with Allah (SWT) and the person concerned. Hence, it is Allah (SWT) alone who will reward that person for it, on the Day of Judgment.

Students invited for the holy month in hindi to spend ramadan
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Short essay on holy month of ramadan

"Ramadhan", according to some traditions is one of Allah's names. This is why we can not say Ramadhan without making it clear that we are talking about the month, and therefore we should always say the month of Ramadhan. Commander of the faithful, Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb (A.S.) said: Do not say Ramadan, but say the month of Ramadhan. For you do not know what Ramadan is? This same meaning was referred to by Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) in his during : The month of Allah (SWT) is coming ...

Holy Ramadan - One Stop for whole month of Ramzan …

The month of holy Ramadan, besides being the month of worship and Divine blessings, carries a historical importance as well. As already mentioned above, the revelations of the Holy Quran commenced in this month. The epoch-making and the '' also took place during the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan essay - Proofreading and ..

An increasing number of countries are now using astronomical calculations to determine the actual timing of the new moon independent of human eyesight. These calculations can be peformed months or years in advance so that the date of the start of Ramadan can be scheduled like other seasonal day of observance or celebration.

Essay about Ramadan month - English homework help

Holy Ramadan is the month of fasting, intensive prayer, sacrifice and Divine worship. Throughout this month a devout Muslim fasts during the day in the true sense of the word, that is, he had merely denies himself food and water, but as explained by Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), exercises strict control over his tongue, eyes, ears, thoughts and deeds and does everything possible to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

Why I Love the Month of Ramadan - Juniors

The blessings of Ramadan are not limited to fasting alone, because the performance of all sorts of worship and good deeds during this month is also a source of great Divine favor. The revelation of the Holy Quran commenced during this very month and it is therefore the duty of every Muslim to read and try to understand the meaning of the Holy Quran and thereby gain an insight into the Divine secrets enshrined therein. It brings peace and illumination to the mind and imparts purity to the soul.

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