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Discursive essays on arranged marriages

Recent studies suggest that the number of Mormons living in polygamous families between 1850 and 1890, while varying from community to community and year to year, averaged between 20 and 30 percent. In some cases the proportion was higher. The practice was especially extensive with Mormon leaders, both locally and those presiding over the entire Church. These calculations would indicate that during the entire time polygamy was practiced the number of men, women, and children living in polygamous households amounted to tens of thousands. (Solemn Covenant, B. Carmon Hardy (Urbana, IL: University of Illinois, 1992), p. 17.) The extent to which polygamy was practiced in Utah will probably never be known. Plural marriages were not publicly recorded, and there is little chance that any private records which might have been kept will ever be revealed. From information from available sources, it appears there may have been a time when 15-20 percent of the Mormon families of Utah were polygamous. ("Notes on Mormon Polygamy," Stanley S. Ivins, in D. Michael Quinn, ed., The New Mormon History: Revisionist Essays on the Past, pp. 170-171.)

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where you had a customary marriage and as well an affidavit from the magistrate, which one take p residence/

Bottom line is that many of those relationships were strictly adulterous affairs that were later labeled 'marriages' to somehow justify the behavior. The first supposed marriage was in Kirtland with Fannie Alger which caused a great scandal. This 'marriage' occurred 10 years before the 'revelation' and at the time Joseph had never preached polygamy to anyone. Years later Fannie, who married a non-Mormon in Iowa, vehemently denied ever marrying Smith. You be the judge if this was a 'marriage' or just a booty call.

This is the first official Church statement that indicates Joseph likely had sex with his many wives. The essay takes several paragraphs and lots of convoluted language to open the door to the possibility that Joseph had sex with many of his polygamous wives, including some of those that were married to other men.


Here is your essay on marriage, it’s meaning, functions and forms! Introduction: Marriage and family sociologically signifies the stage of greater social advancement.

But if the woman is determined to not enter into plural marriage, that woman, when she comes forth, will have the privilege of living in single blessedness through all eternity. Now sisters, do not say, `I do not want a husband when I get up in the resurrection.' You do not know what you will want. If, in the resurrection, you really want to be single and alone and live forever and ever and be made servants, while others receive the higher order of intelligence, and are bringing worlds into existence, you can have the privilege. They who will be exalted cannot perform all the labor, they must have servants, and you can be servants to them.

This 2013 insightful essay discusses the hypocrisy of the teachings about polygamy along with the LDS Church's strong stance against same-sex marriage.

I had just passed the 11-year mark in my marriage and was approaching 40 — official middle age
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President Joseph F. Smith on April 6, 1904, issued a "Second Manifesto," which reaffirmed the first regarding polygamy. He also declared any church officer who performed a plural marriage, as well as the offending couple, would be excommunicated. He clarified that the policy applied worldwide, not just in North America. Two members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, John W. Taylor and Matthias F. Cowley, resigned in October 1905 following the manifesto. This change to the Twelve was made public in April 1906, when George F. Richards, Orson F. Whitney, and David O. McKay were added to the quorum.

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Michael Quinn is a respected LDS historian who wrote many articles for The Ensign and was a devout defender of the LDS faith. However Brother Quinn was allowed access to the church's private records which he used to accurately document the many post-manifesto polygamous marriages that occurred after 1890. As a result, the LDS church excommunicated Quinn in 1993. Quinn's essay on post-manifesto polygamy can be found at:

Mormon Polygamy, Polyandry & Underage Brides

I have been married for 12 yrs and we have the marriage certificate. In the course of our marriage, I have come to learn of things I did not priorly know about my husband. It had been hard for him to secure a job given that he was expelled from the university following students unrest. He went ahead and forged transcripts and certificates from the university. He then decided to get into construction business which I financially supported from my savings from employment until now when he is very financially stable. Four years ago, I lost my job and it is then that I got to know who he really is. He started accusing me of adultery without any evidence and even went shead and proposed a separation. He refused to provide for the family arguing that he was investing and even suggested that we take the children to a children’s home or give them up for adoption. He apologized for the false accusations and explained that he will not allow me leave him. We have two children aged 7 and 5. This year August, he again tried to manipulate me by hacking my social media accounts and started chatting suggestively with my male friends then he accused me of adultery. He wrote a letter and emailed to me to which I responded. In the letter, he said he hacked into my private accounts and came across some information that he was no willing to share. I felt pissed off and decided to pack and leave with the kids but he refused and threatened my life and those of the kids. I am planning to file for a divorce, children custody and children’s upkeep. The challenge I am facing is that I am currently working outside the country (Juba) but my contract is ending in April 2017. I only take my breaks after every 10 weeks to be with the family. Upon the end of my contract, I should be able to come back to my country (Kenya) and live my children. Please, advice me on how to go about it because I don’t want to lose the custody of my children on grounds that I am currently working outside the country. Thanks

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Please, help me out on this: am a Congolese living in Kenya since 2007. Customarily married to a young kikuyu from nyahururu in 2009, which was also witnessed before lawyer who issued an affidavit of marriage to us. In 2012, while away, and without any quarrel, my wife deserted from home, and disappeared in nature after changing all her contacts, even in their family, they refused to tell where she is up to date. see? We never legally divorced. Now is where my request falls in: have completed 8 years in Kenya, and getting ready to apply for citizenship by registration. Can the 2 documents, the customary register signed by both parties and the affidavit of marriage from the lawyer legally be accepted by the board in charge of granting citizenship? You understand better the law, please, assist me with the right details and procedures to follow. Would appreciate so much.
In advance, thank you for your comments and feedback (I use my passport, with entry permit).

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